Ways to Treat Your Feet Right

Your feet are the foundation of your temple. If you do not have something as minute as a little toe, you can easily be thrown off balance and find it difficult to walk. Despite the importance of maintaining good foot health for our own personal sense of well-being and fitness, we often fail to care for our feet until there is a serious problem. Please read the tips that we compiled below to help you treat your feet right.


#1: Avoid Uncomfortable Shoes


Our culture has normalized stuffing our feet into shoes that contort our feet into pretzel positions. Women are the worst offenders because they have fallen into the status of high-heeled shoes that make them seem taller and more important. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to bunions, ingrown toenails, neuropathy (permanent sensation of pins and needles), hammertoes, corns, calluses, and even falls.


#2: Dry Your Feet


Men have a bad habit of letting things like Athlete’s Foot set in without acting to cure it quickly enough. It is easily picked up from a hotel shower, a pool, or the locker room. This painful itching and scaling fungal infection may crop up all on its own in either sex if they don’t dry their feet properly after a shower. It is also suggestible to use an antifungal spray that won’t get contaminated like a tube cream when you are fighting Athlete’s Foot infections.


#3: Watch the Weight


Athletic men expose their feet to extreme pressures at weight machines at the gym and during sports-related workouts. In either sex, the balls of their feet may suddenly swell up from Metatarsalgia and leave them feeling like they are walking around with a large stone in their shoes even when they are barefooted. For women, the weight distribution on the balls of the feet in uncushioned ill-fitting shoes is usually the problem. If you are looking for a sports podiatrist in Sydney, your best bet is to call around and look for a specialist who has experience with the particular type of injury. They will have a better idea concerning recovery complications and techniques.



#4: Scrub Those Twinkle Toes


When you are in the shower, now is the best time to work at removing those built up calluses that make your feet feel uncomfortable. You can use a pumice stone and foot brush to remove all that dead tissue gradually instead of trying to peel it or cut at it when it grows thick and callused. There are chemical callus removers on the market. However, these can overdo it and make your feet feel tender and sore. It is better to use natural methods like soaking them in baking soda and warm water every night.


#5: Keep Your Feet Moisturized


Soaking your feet in Epson salts and even an ordinary shower can strip them of their natural oils and leave them feeling dry. If you apply lotion to dry feet before you put on socks, your feet will thank you by feeling soft and tender all day.

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