Understand Why Cigarette Smoking Is a Habit That Is Difficult To Get Rid Of

The death toll due to smoking has increased in the last 10 years. The number is quite alarming, as it includes teenagers and young people. Many countries across the world has taken proper steps to minimize this habit and has banned smoking in some of the public areas like hotels, restaurants, theatres, and other areas. However, the number is still high.

There are many serious health related issues that can be associated with this habit. Lung cancer, heart related issues, and other types of cancer are some of the common life threatening diseases. The effect of this habit on men is beyond repairable. Excessive smoking can reduce their sperm count and in some cases make them impotent.

It affects their sexual life, and causes serious ulcer problems. Such issues are less with non-smokers. There is no one good reason to continue with this habit, however there are many benefits of quitting it.  Many smokers make conscious efforts to quit smoking, though they are not successful in such attempts. Only few of them succeed in getting rid of this habit.


Teenage Attraction:

Teens always love to experiment and try new things that they see grownups doing all the time. They try them may be to impress girls/boys or under peer pressure. It is because of this reason, why many teens, at least try smoking once by the time they reach the age of 11 years. The habit is more prominent in boys and girls, who are more than15 years.

Such a habit can sometimes become a challenging task to quit, and they face many health related issues at an early age. Children, who see their parents smoking too often, tend to try them at an early age. Loneliness is the other culprit for them to get into this habit.

As responsible parents it is quite necessary to talk to your children and understand their problem. This will help them to understand the difference between the right things that will make them a good human being.

Non Smoking Campaigns:

Many organizations and trust are now concentrating on helping people to quit this habit. Not an easy task though, but conscious efforts are being taken. Many countries have banned the sales of cigarettes to teens, who are less than 18 years of age.  There are many campaigns and programs organized on a regular interval, to make smokers aware of the consequences and evil effects of the habit.

The images and adverse effects have motivated non-smokers to keep away from this habit. Smokers, due to their habit pay less heed to such alert notes and warnings. There is no concrete reason that states as to why people get addicted to smoking.

Reasons for this Habit

As per the experts, this habit can be caused due to biological addiction, which becomes too difficult to quit. They get addicted to nicotine, which can cause enough damage to their health. The smoker tries to quit the psychological habit, whenever they intend to quit this habit.  Users usually tend to inculcate this habit, by observing others.  It can be your partner, parents, friends, and your favorite movie stars.

The result is so prompt and obvious that the users find it quite difficult to quit the habit. They love indulging in such an activity while having with friends, pubs, and partying. Many people who try to quit this habit fear of the withdrawal symptoms, which varies from one person to another. They suffer from irritation, concentration problem, and snappiness.

The smokers usually don’t realize the side effects of the same, until it is too late. For some, smoking releases them from stress, which is quite common nowadays.

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