Tips to reduce swelling after liposuction

Swelling and Puffiness are the most common side effects post a Liposuction surgery. This is an interpretation of body’s way of healing the parts of the body where the surgery has been done. Liposuction like most cosmetic surgeries can be quite delicate. After the surgery the patient will have to take precautions to sustain the effect of the surgery and likewise Liposuction surgeries also include some necessary precautions. Before coming to that let us know what exactly Liposuction is.

Liposuction also called Lipectomy is a suction based cosmetic operation which involves the removal of fat from particular parts of the body to give the body a required shape. At the time of the surgery, the patient is kept under consistent monitoring procedure of pulse rate, oxygen levels and blood pressure. Followed by which the patient’s operation is initiated using anesthetics. For the specific body parts, incisions are made and the body is prepared for the final suctioning of the fat to take place.

Ways to reduce swelling after liposuction:

  1. Using Compression Garment: After the operation is done, the patient must wear a compression garment for the entire duration of time as advised by the doctor to reduce the swelling. Swelling is a process to heal the operational effect and hence it is natural. For best results one must wear these garments till 4-6 weeks.
  2. Follow the medical prescription given by the doctor: The patient must follow the medicines prescribed by the doctor. To reduce the soreness, puffiness and the pain caused the doctor might give some anti inflammatory medicines or even pain killers.
  3. Intake fluids: It is advisable for the patient to take a lot of extra fluids after the surgery. This is recommended due to the compression caused by the garment which causes a lot of fluids to be expelled.
  4. Limiting salt intake and adding more fruits and vegetables: After the operation, it is often advised to avoid intake of excessive salts and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables.
  5. Avoid hard-core exercises and gymming: Normally a person undergone liposuction can return to light work after 2-3 days. However one must avoid hard core exercises at least till 4 weeks from leading to further side effects.
  6. Taking a light massage: Massaging the area of body where the liposuction has taken place can also reduce the swelling and the puffiness around the area.
  7. Ice Packs: Using Ice packs around the liposuction area not only reduces the pain caused but also gives some comfort and reduce the puffiness.
  8. Taking a light walk: Although heavy exercises are a strict” no”, however taking a light walk does no harm, rather it increase the blood circulation and prevents the puffiness.

As Precautions for Cosmetic surgeries is an important aspect to consider, following them diligently shall lead to a successful operation and render a long-lasting result and a beautiful shape to your body. Moreover getting the procedure done from a reputed center like Sono Bello is also very important to ensure that you are under the guidance of expert hands.

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