Shortage of Gynecologist Raises Concerns

For one reason or another, fewer people that want to be future doctors are entering into the gynecology field. With the decrease of students interested in the field, it has caused some serious problems in cities across North America. For example, if you are trying to find a gynecologist to be your doctor, you may have trouble securing one. Perhaps you would like to find a clinic with an expert gynecologist in Montreal. It may be difficult to do if you don’t act quickly.

According to the American College of Nurse-Midwives, in the United States alone, nearly half of all counties do not have access to an OB-GYN. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be up to 8,000 positions open for an OB-GYN that will not even be filled because the supply is not out there. While there is a great demand, the students entering into the medical field just are not choosing to enter into the OB-GYN area of study.

There are several reasons why less people are deciding to go into the OB-GYN field. They are all valid concerns and should be considered if you are looking into entering that area of study.

The Call Schedule

If you are an OB-GYN, then you realize just how horrible being on call so much is for you and your family. Solo practices generally mean the one doctor will be on call 24 hours a day. Being called away in the middle of the night is not a thing to look forward to. Delivering babies during all hours can be a bit overwhelming. If wanting to raise young children in the future, a babysitter will have to be handy at a moment’s notice.

Field Dominated By Women

In the past, it used to be quite common for the OB-GYN field to basically be split down the middle between men and women. But fast forward and the industry is being dominated by women at this moment. Because the majority of the field is now women, there is often a high amount of turnover. Studies show that OB-GYN women doctors like to retire earlier, so practices only have so long with each doctor before they decide to hang it up.


It’s a Difficult Field

When you are a physician, you have to have malpractice insurance. Depending upon your specialty, there are different amounts that the person will have to pay for the malpractice insurance. Unfortunately, OB-GYNs have to usually pay the most out of any doctors. The average they have to pay per year ranges from $85,000 to even $200,000. When compared with $20,000 a year that an internal medicine physician has to pay for malpractice insurance, OB-GYNs are getting hit hard. The premiums are so high because if there is a problem during the birth procedure, there is always a threat of a lawsuit. It’s unfortunate in today’s age that people want to sue at the drop of a hat. Some have to be reminded that OB-GYNs are not gods, they are just trying to do things to the best of their ability.
There Is More Money to Be Made in Other Areas

Not only is there more money possible in other medical areas, but the work is not as hectic and always on the go. If you enter into cardiology, orthopedics, dermatology, or radiology, you are able to make a better living with a schedule that is not as manic.

If you are a patient, hold on to the OB-GYN that you currently have. With the greater demands, each doctor can only see so many people. It is tough to become a new patient in most practices.


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