Obesity Issues: What Kinds of Treatments are Your Options?

If you are seeking an end to excessive weight, you may be wondering about the different methods of treatment which are available. Fortunately, there is plenty at your disposal, ranging from the natural to the extreme. Which one you choose ultimately depends on your current situation, although we would recommend you try out some milder solutions first before beginning more drastic obesity therapy.

Self-Managed Exercise & Diet

The first step anyone should take when losing weight is to organise their personal lifestyle in the right manner. Decreasing the amount of calories you consume is vital to getting rid of those extra pounds. Stick to healthy alternatives such as:

  • Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Lots of bread, pasta and rice (all wholegrain)
  • A moderate amount of low fat dairy foods
  • A moderate amount of meat and fish
  • Minimal quantities of oil, fat and sugar

Work out how many calories you burn through your daily activities. Add onto this any calories you’ll use while working out and you have your total calorie requirements. You should aim to eat less than this so your body actually burns the fat you already have. You should also exercise at least 30 minutes a day for full effect.

Weight Loss Programs

If you lack the will power to manage your lifestyle on your own, you can also enlist in a local weight loss program. Here, you’ll gain the support you need to stick to your exercise routine and your dietary schedule as strictly as possible. There are two types of programs available. The first gives you guidelines to live by, providing you with calorie-specific meals to eat each day. They will also recommend exercise and provide a routine for you to go through on a regular basis. This is all done at home. The second method involves going to a fat camp where you live, eat and exercise under constant supervision all of the time. This is better for those who can’t personally motivate themselves to lose weight on their own.

Dietary Medications

There are also numerous drugs which state that they can help with obesity. Be careful here though as some are more effective than others. You should always shop at a reputable pharmacy such as prescription2home.co.uk that offers legally recognised weight loss solutions. Medicine such as Alli and Xenical can assist an individual to drop the fat as required. They should, however, be taken in a very specific manner. Always talk to your doctor before ingesting any sort of weight loss medication as you need to find out whether they are suitable for your body type and lifestyle. You should also follow the directions precisely as written on the label. Remember that taking weight loss drugs is a non-natural way of losing weight, so caution is advised.

Invasive Surgery

The final option is to visit a hospital for weight loss surgery. This is by far the most drastic measure and should only be taken if the above treatments fail to produce results. In general, the more successful kinds of operations take two forms:

  • Reducing the stomach volume so the patient feels full faster
  • Shortening the bowels so the food is absorbed more rapidly

Liposuction (sucking the fat out of the body) has produced mixed criticism with some studies showing zero positive results in the long term. Again, you should always talk with your doctor before undertaking any of these procedures. Since these are invasive, there is a risk of complications as a result. Unless you’re in a life or death situation, it may be better to choose another sort of weight loss treatment instead.

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