Kick off the Cold from Your System!

Cold, cough, and sore throat are a trio that commonly hits people across all ages-kids, adults, and the aged all come into its grasp.  This is not a one-time ailment, but rather a frequent occurrence in one’s lifetime owing to weather changes, low immunity, and a tendency to indulge into foods that increase mucus in the body.

Cold, cough, and sore throat are the symptoms of a viral infection. You are more susceptible to it when you are weak owing to low immunity. When your white blood cell count shows an increase in your blood lab report, you note an increase in the frequency of cold attacks.

One casually mentions these symptoms, but the consequences of suffering from cold and related problems are poor, and they are potent enough to ruin the quality of your life. Children miss school, teenagers miss college, and adults miss office due to this seemingly simple but malevolent sickness. If you are a housewife, you can’t concentrate on your household chores if you experience intense cold. Incessant sneezing, coughing, and runny nose look embarrassing and feel irritating.

How to Beat Cold?

  1. If you are experiencing cold due to bad weather, make sure you don’t go out during heavy rains and cold winds or if you do, cover yourself adequately. Exposure to cold winds and drenching in the monsoon rains make you fall prey to infection.
  2. Sipping hot tea, coffee, or soups is the best way to beat the cold during bad weather. Refrain from eating cold or stale foods at such times. Always go for warm/hot and fresh food/ drinks.
  3. Try to take a hot shower or go for steam inhalation therapy. You will definitely feel good and fresh.
  4. Sore throat, if not treated on time, can act really nasty and can result into unstoppable coughing. Alternatively, you may use nasal sprays or cough syrups for quick relief.
  5. Sore throat, cough, and runny nose can disrupt your sleep. If this is happening to a child, then it may be even more difficult to endure both for the child and its parents. Use a decongestant from which you can inhale natural vapours and relieve blocked noses. Blocked noses make you unable to breathe properly.
  6. Ask your doctor to prescribe you an effective antibiotic for treatment of sore throat and coughfollow. When you treat the infection, your symptoms subside.
  7. You may consume an over-the-counter analgesic like paracetamol to effectively relieve the symptoms of cold arising out of fever. If you feel feverish, make all efforts to reduce the body temperature or treat the infection first. When the root cause is gone, the symptoms will vanish on their own.
  8. Certain foods like milk and yoghurt promote excessive mucus production in the body. According to the science of Ayurveda, eating such mucus (kapha)-containing foods exacerbates the problems of cold, cough, and sore throat. Refrain from eating foods that contain a lot of water.
  9. Chew ginger caplets to get rid of sore throat and cough or you can also try aloe vera gelfollow, which is natural anti inflammatory agent. It has medicinal antibacterial properties which helps in increase the immunity.

You may dig into hot and spicy food like chillies and peppers lavishly when you are suffering from cold as such foods contain the compound capsaicin that leads to thinning of mucus, thus relieving sore throat.

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