Innovation Separates Good Manufacturers from Great Ones

What separates Apple from Microsoft in the smartphone arena is the explosive way in which the iPhone entered the consumer electronics market. Rather than just produce a serviceable phone based on existing technologies, Apple went the extra mile to create something that was specifically honed to attract a broad market that probably had not seriously considered the appeal of smartphone computing. As a result, Apple became the early leader in market share and sales and Microsoft’s safer offerings have become an afterthought, a distant competitor to the key players Apple and Google.

It may seem like a stretch to compare consumer technology manufacturers to chemical and ingredient manufacturers and distributors, but the same principle applies. If you don’t want your products to fall behind your competitors you should be investing heavily in your research and development department – or, better yet, find an ingredient manufacturer and distributor that does. You want to keep abreast of the latest possibilities for your products, so that when the market suddenly shifts your company isn’t suddenly left behind. You want to be made aware of the next wave of innovation before it happens so that your company is the one forcing your competitors to play catch up. If you want to learn more about how this is possible, check out this link:

The interesting thing about working with an innovative or forward-thinking chemical solutions provider is that it doesn’t just allow you to create exciting new recipes or formulations for your products. A firm with a diverse range of products will also be able to provide you with materials that will be able to drastically overhaul or improve your manufacturing or processing techniques. For instance, you should look for a company that provides multiple categories of materials, like Cambrian Solutions, which globally sources ingredients to their clients in North America. Not only do they offer materials that help companies operating in the prepared foods and household cleaner categories better formulate their products, they also offer fixes for heavy industry, such as a wide range of custom formulated oilfield solutions which greatly aid in the efficiency of extraction and processing.

Whether you want to lead in consumer or industrial manufacturing, or you just want to improve your processes, it really pays to work with a company that does their due diligence in research and innovation. If you work with a company like Cambrian Solutions, there is no way you’ll regret having a head start on the competition in terms of the ingredients in your product formulations or the processes available to you in your manufacturing. As Apple proved against Microsoft (a company which very few people even associate with smartphones anymore), that head start can be crucial in positioning and defining your business – both to your customers and your competitors.

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