How To Sculpt Your Body Into The Best Shape Ever

With summer on the way, we are under increasing pressure to look our best. If your body isn’t bikini ready, there is no need to worry, there is still time to get in shape before summer (and bikini season) arrives.


It’s amazing how many people think that getting in shape is hard. Admittedly, it requires a lot of hard work, effort and motivation, but if you follow a simple fitness plan, getting in shape really isn’t difficult.


To give you the boost you need to sculpt your body into the best shape ever, here are my top tips:


Stay away from sugar


Regardless of how often you exercise or what shape you are in, sugar is bad for you, end of story. When we eat sugar, the sugar forces our bodies to release insulin, which then causes our bodies to store fat.


You might think that by eating fat-free desserts you are doing yourself a favour, but if they contain any sugar, they are just as bad as the full fat alternative. Before eating anything, make sure to have a good look at the ingredients.


Swap processed foods for healthy alternatives


Processed foods are really bad for your body, they are full of chemicals and can play havoc with your metabolism. Instead of eating processed foods, swap to healthier alternatives.


Snack on things like fruit and veggies, nuts, seeds, natural peanut butter, hummus, and other healthy snacks. Stay away from any foods that are processed and only eat foods that have a small amount of ingredients in them.


Give interval training a go


Interval training is amazing for fast fat losses. So if you want to get in shape quickly, make sure that you give interval training a go.


If you haven’t heard of interval training, all you do is run for a few minutes, then walk, and then repeat the process ten more times. Interval training boosts your metabolism, burns high amounts of fat and is quick to do.


Make sure that while you do your interval training that you are using the right equipment and are wearing a good quality pair of trainers. You should also be wearing exercise pants, a pair of the best sweatbands and, of course, a supportive exercise bra.


Weight train


If you want to tone up and increase your muscle, then weight training is crucial. Lifting weights is one of the best ways to tone up and get in shape quickly.


For best results, you want to do endurance lifting, which means lifting a weight at least 12 times, then resting, and then repeating. Make sure to choose a weight that isn’t too heavy, to start off with five to ten kilograms is ideal.


Drink lots of water


If you want to tone up and get in shape, drinking lots of water is a must. Drinking water will help to curb your appetite, will stop you from overeating, and will also keep your body and skin properly hydrated.


Ideally, you should aim to drink two to three litres of water each day. You can do this by taking a bottle of water to work with you, swapping tea and coffee for hot water and lemon, and always opting for water over other drinks.


Follow this simple guide; eat healthily, exercise regularly, and in no time at all your body should be in perfect shape.






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