How To Get Your Kids Into Good Brushing Habits

Everyone knows that having healthy teeth prevents tooth decay and unnecessary trips to the dentist’s chair for dealing with a cavity. However, it can be challenging for children to brush their teeth every day. Here are some tips in how to children can have good brushing habits with the result that can have a great experience with a family dentistfollow in Greenwood or another dentist in the country.


1.Taking Ownership with Brushing Accessories

Instead of selecting a toothbrush for children, have them select their own. In fact, make it an event. Go to a store as a family and make it a point for everyone to select a new toothbrush. The result of this is that children can select a brush they will like and use. In addition to this, have the children select some good toothpaste. This can be an added incentive to beginning good brushing habits.

2.Create a Game

Children love to play games. It usually does not matter what type of game it is as long as they can enjoy what they are doing. Try creating a game designed around encouraging children to brush their teeth. A game could be having children see how many days they can brush their teeth without having their parents to remind them. Another game could be to see how many days each child can brush his or her teeth consistently. Whatever the case may be, playing a game encourages children to brush their teeth.

3.Offer Grace

When encouraging a child to brush their teeth, keep in mind a number of things. First, that they are a child. They are prone to forget. That being said, it is very important to show them grace and encourage them to stay on the right track. A child does not like to disappoint their parents. By encouraging and showing unmerited favor, a child can develop a good brushing habit.

4.Reward Consistency

When a child has done a great job, reward them. This reward can be staying up a little later on a Friday night or it can be a treat from the kitchen. The reward does not have to be something big, but it needs to be something that they do not receive on a daily basis. The reward is to encourage them in their new brushing habit. In addition to this, it shows them that their parents have noticed their good actions and are rewarding them for their efforts.

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