How To Create The Perfect Exercise Routine

Thinking about getting in shape this year? Of course you are. Who doesn’t want that perfect body? Well, there are people who are perfectly happy with the way they look and that is fantastic. But if you do want that perfect body health professionals agree that you will encounter two problems. The first problem is getting your exercise routine started and the second is keeping it going. We can help you with the former, but the latter is your responsibility.

Pinpoint Your Goal

First, you have to think about what you want to achieve and please, do try to be realistic. No one becomes Dwayne Johnson overnight. It may be that you just want to tone up your body a little and you are not too worried about muscle gain. If this is the case, we suggest just going for a run or doing some sit-ups each morning. For getting ripped, shredded or maxed out you are looking at a more intensive exercise routine. This is also true if you are looking at losing a lot of weight.

Keep Motivated

Your next step is dragging yourself off the sofa and away from the football match on TV. We find creating a good workout playlist helps here because the right songs can get you in the mood to start and keep you motivated during your exercise routine. But there are other options. You can take a cold shower to wake yourself up or try pre-workout supplements. This quite a new idea and will give you the feeling needed to start working out. You could also take amino acid supplements to help boost your gains. But do remember to research what you will be taking before committing to a purchase.

Use The Tech

As with all problems in life, technology is now your friend, and if you want to get fit, your smartphone or laptop can help you. You can download an exercise app onto your phone and use it to choose which lifts and stretches you are going to do each day. You can also go onto an online forum and get some advice from people who have already started their own exercise routines. Here, you will be able to make friends with people like you who are just starting out or talk to experts in the game like bodybuilders.

Stick With It!

Our last piece of advice is to keep going with whatever exercise routine you choose. There is not much we can do to help you with this except warn you that you will not see big effects straight away. Even if you are exercising every day it may take a couple of months for you to see any big changes to your body. But no one said that this was going to be easy. What we do promise is if you do stick with it then you can and will achieve the body image that you want. We know you can do it!

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