How New Technology Can Help You to Lose Weight

It seems that something new and exciting claiming to help us to lose weight is always being released. If it’s not a crazy fat burning bill, it’s an ab toning belt you can wear while doing the ironing. Whether these things actually work is up for debate. However, new technology has recently been released that has been proven to help you lose weight. That’s right; proven! Want to know what it is and how it can help? Read on:


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This new technology is a line of ‘activity trackers’. The name is pretty self explanatory; they are bands you wear on your wrist, capable of tracking your activity. This can help you to become more active, lose weight, and get to know yourself better in essence.


Counting Steps


An activity tracker can count your steps, so you can work towards the recommended 10,000 per day. If you work at a desk job, hitting this goal can be difficult, and you probably don’t realise just how few steps you’re doing. It can be a real wake up call! Not only will it track your steps, it will also track any exercise you do in terms of intensity. It can tell just how fast and hard you’re moving, and then tell you how many calories you’ve burned accordingly.


Tracking Sleep


Sleep plays a big part in health and fitness. If we don’t get enough sleep, then something is produced in the body that causes us to crave bad food. Have you ever noticed that when you’re running low on sleep you want to raid the kitchen cupboards? It happens to me all the time! By tracking your sleep patterns with the activity tracker, you can work towards improving it. More sleep = a slimmer you! Just try not to use that as an excuse to stay in bed until 1 in the afternoon. Try to get about 6-8 hours per night.


Calorie Monitoring


By monitoring the calories you put in your body, you’re much more likely to lose weight. In fact, people who keep a journal of the food and calories they’ve consumed are much more likely to succeed when it comes to getting healthier and fitter. As the tracker tracks calories burned and calories consumed, you can tell whether you’ve hit a deficit or not, which is what you need to lose weight. You can’t fail!




Some activity trackers even offer encouragement when you might not be feeling like moving very much. Some will send a reminder to your phone every hour, encouraging you to move for 5 minutes. This can be the difference between getting up from your desk to stretch your legs, and staying slumped in your seat. On some trackers, you can even press a button and see how close to your goal you are for the day.
These activity trackers are like little personal trainers worn on the wrist. Just remember, you need to work with it; it won’t do all of the work for you just by wearing it!

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