How Can I Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight?

Quitting smoking is associated with a number of positive life changes, such as improved fertility, younger looking skin, longer life, improved breathing, reduced stress and more energy, however, there are one or two undesirable effects that go hand-in-hand with stopping smoking for some.

Gaining weight is a common occurrence when individuals kick their habit, and whilst this shouldn’t deter you from quitting, many are unsure about how to stop without piling on the pounds.

Who is at risk?

There are a number of individuals that are more at risk of gaining weight when quitting smoking than others. People that are already overweight, drink heavily, smoke heavily or don’t drink at all are more likely to put on a few pounds in the weeks or months after quitting smoking.

How can I prevent weight gain?

There are a number of measures that you can take if you are particularly worried about gaining weight when you give up cigarettes. Exercise is the most effective method and as one of the positive effects of quitting is more energy, you will have plenty of get-up-and-go to increase the amount of exercise you do on a weekly basis.

As well as burning calories, regular exercise will also help reduce cravings and make your journey to a smoke-free way of life that bit more manageable. Aim to build up to two and a half hours of moderate to intense aerobic exercise per week to make your body work hard. Activities like fast walking, swimming and cycling are excellent choices.

Which stop smoking treatment is the most effective?

All stop smoking treatments are effective for reducing withdrawal symptoms whether you are worried about weight gain or not. Nicotine replacement products like e-cigarettes, skin patches and lozenges work well for all smokers, whilst heavier smoking may find better relief from nasal sprays. Prescription medication is also available for those looking to quit.

Should I diet while stopping smoking?

Try not to put any additional pressure on yourself as quitting smoking is a big enough challenge. Take it one step at a time and leave dieting until you have successfully stopped and cravings have been quashed completely.

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