How a Dentist in Camp Springs Can Help You Achieve that Perfect American Smile

Think of any American celebrity, male or female, regardless of their ethnicity, and there is one thing that brings them all together. That is there flawless million dollar smile. Americans are known the world over for investing of great deal of money in having beautiful pearly whites. This is quite interesting and difficult to understand for people from other countries in the world. That being said, any good dentist in Camp Springs can help anyone achieve that perfect American smile.


A Dentist in Camp Springs Explains the American Teeth Obsession


A study was conducted by the New York magazine, which revealed that 39% of people in this country would be happy to no longer eat dessert if it gave them a better smile. Exactly where this obsession comes from seems to have something to do with Charles Pinkus, a Hollywood and vine dentist who opened his practice during the Great Depression. Because he needed more clientele, he started to advertise specifically to the Hollywood Studios. He was the first to use veneers, helping people such as Shirley Temple, Judy Garland, and James Dean achieve what we now know as the perfect smile.


Today, Americans continue to associate their smile with fame, wealth, self-esteem, and creating a better impression. This isn’t purely psychosomatic since it is known that 38%  of people see someone with straight white teeth has more intelligent. Additionally, those same people are 62% more likely to be seen as attractive. On average, a child’s first visit to the orthodontist is at age 7. While this may seem excessive to people outside of the United States, the reality is also that the fact that children as young as that start focusing on their oral appearance means that they are less likely to develop problems such as gum disease.


However, it also seems that the greatest obsession is with making teeth as white as possible. In 2017, some 39 million people used over the counter tooth whitening products. The most popular were the teeth whitening strips. 21.3 million Americans used the strips in 2017 alone. At the same time, the perfect American smile is not only down to teeth being white. They also have to be symmetrical, focusing on facial proportion and the lips and jawline in particular. Specifically, people try to achieve the golden ratio in which the distance between the different facial features is a 1.618 ratio. The more facial features achieve that ratio, the more attractive they are seen to be.


It also appears that Americans find men and women with a chiseled jaw as more attractive. A straight jawline makes people look powerful and confident. At the same time, people like to see those with thick lips, as these hide imperfections. This is why so many people also have lip augmentation. Naturally, there is far more to it as well, including the size and shape of the teeth and how prominent they are. It is perhaps no surprise, therefore, that so many Americans are obsessed not just with cosmetic dentistry, but with cosmetic surgery in general.

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