Health supplements men should strictly stay away from – Read bulk supplements review

As per estimates by a research firm, there are large numbers of American guys who take dietary supplements and they are reportedly spending tons of money on them with high hopes of receiving positive results. In 20113, $35 billion were spend by American consumers on such nutritional supplements suggested over-the-counter, 45% for minerals and vitamins, 19% for botanical and herbal supplements and 14% for nutritional products related to sports.

However it is sad enough to note that these billions are being spent on stuffs which are neither approved by the FDA nor proved to be effective and safe. The makers of such supplements will definitely claim that they’re the best but it is crucial for the consumers to go through bulk supplements review and check the opinion of the customers before investing money in them. The decision made by men to utilize supplements is driven more by their wish than by facts. Here are few supplements that men should be wary of.

#1: Beta-Carotene and Vitamin A – Can be detrimental for a smoker

Beta-carotene is an antioxidant which plays a vital role in bringing the deep orangish-red color which is seen in sweet potatoes, carrots and cantaloupe. Our body converts beta-carotene into Vitamin A which is a nutrient that is dissolves fat and safeguards cells from damaging. The human body needs this for its immune system, eyes, health and skin. However, there have been too many trials which said that the possible benefits aren’t real enough and that they’re fake. They may increase chances of lung cancer, especially among people who smoke. Hence, smokers beware of taking this kind of supplement!

#2: Selenium – Greater risks of being afflicted with prostate cancer

This is a trace mineral which is found adequately in grains, bread, poultry, meat and fish. This is yet another antioxidant which has been constantly subject to evaluations to check whether or not it could protect you from chronic ailments like cancer. Unfortunately it was seen that selenium which was touted to cure skin cancer actually increases the occurence of the disease. Further reports suggested that there are also risks being affected with prostate cancer. Hence, stay watchful about taking supplements like selenium, especially being a man.

#3: Yohimbe – A flop option for men suffering from erectile dysfunction

The extract from yohimbe’s bark which is a tree found only in western Africa is frequently sod over-the-counter but the main ingredient in this, known as yohimbine can be got only through prescription. The supplements of this extract claim to offer a surefire cure to erectile dysfunction but sadly very few studies show that it’s worthy. Dr. Bloom says that the yohimbe and such supplements copy what Cialis, Viagra and Levitra do, that of increasing the flow of blood. But it has been seen that they don’t do it safely. Bloom even asserted that there’s no good reason to take supplements like Yohimbe.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about the health supplements that you should be taking to enhance your muscles and body, do your bit of homework and make a comprehensive research on the effectiveness of them before taking plunge.

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