Over the years, we have seen a number of guys taking dietary supplements which cost them quite a ton of money. They take these supplements with the hope that they will give positive results in the end. It was confirmed back in 2013 that $35 billion was spent by these consumers on these supplements which are only suggested over-the-counter. The most shocking thing was that this stuff had not been approved by the FDA as effective nor for sale. Men should be extremely carefully on what they choose to take.

Some of these supplements include: Beta-Carotene and Vitamin A. This is responsible for bringing out the color in sweet potatoes and carrots. Our bodies have the abilities to convert beta-carotene into Vitamin A. However, there have been claims that its benefits are fake and it can increase the chances of lung cancer especially to those who smoke. Another is the Selenium which is found in grains, bread and poultry. This was believed to protect us from ailments like cancer but unfortunately it was recently seen that it increases the risk even more and brings about prostate cancer in men. The last is Yohimbe. The extracts from its bark are only found in West Africa. However what people buy over the counter is known as yohimbine. They are believed to increase flow of blood such as the case in Viagra. It is not done safely so it instead brings more harm than good.

So, watch out for these supplements when you go to your counter stores next time. You can always get better deals and effective supplements at Charlotte Russe. Far from the supplements, prescription drugs are another thing. These are the kind of drugs your doctors prescribes for you when you’re not feeling well, but only for a shortage usage of time. However, there are some people who become addicted to these drugs because of how it makes them feel. These people tend to take them every time they feel anxious or pain. Some just crave for them and claim that they make them feel better. This is when it becomes an addiction. When one reaches this stage, it is best to talk to someone and then consult your doctor.

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