Getting Loved Ones the Help They Need to Recover Faster

Watching a beloved family member or friend succumb to the pitfalls of addiction can be frightening and frustrating. You know that this person needs professional help; however, you also know that you cannot force a person into a rehab program. When you know that your best efforts to help this individual will be ignored and resented, you may find the guidance you need by hiring services like an Indiana Intervention Company and other rehab professionals to assist you. The staff at one of these companies can intervene and assist you in convincing your loved one to check into a rehab like the Brentwood clinic or other licensed and professional rehabilitation locations.

Reasons for Interventions

You may be uncertain about why or when to intervene in a loved one’s drug or alcohol addiction. People today have been taught that it is rude to intrude into other people’s private affairs. You may feel like you are crossing a boundary that is unacceptable and displaying poor manners if you point out the person’s addiction. 

However, you may be convinced to intervene when you understand that expressing concern for a person’s mental, emotional, and physical wellness is not bad manners but rather a genuine gesture to show that you want this person to lead a happy and healthy life. Addicts and alcoholics slowly destroy themselves in every way possible. They suffer tremendous physical consequences of their addictions, such as contracting diseases like hepatitis, cirrhosis, HIV, and many other illnesses. They also suffer emotionally and lose friends who are key to their possible recoveries.

They likewise destroy their finances due to spending too much money on drugs and alcohol. Addicts have been known to break up their own households and lose their spouses because of using the family’s money on drink and drugs. They can be spared this trauma, however, with a timely intervention. When you want to spare someone that you love the agony and hardship that comes with years of drug use and alcoholism, you may choose to stage an intervention for this person.

Setting Up the Intervention

It can be crucial that you rely on the services of professionals who are trained to stage interventions for addicts and alcoholics. Despite your best intentions, you probably lack the skills needed to convince the person to enter rehabilitation. If anything, you may destroy the relationship with the person and be cut off entirely by the addict. 

Professional intervention specialists, however, can set up a plan to approach the addict in a logical and calm manner. They can guide you and others in what to say and how to act as the intervention progresses. It is well understood that many addicts do not take kindly to interventions. They typically deny that they need help and accuse those gathered to help them of betrayal. They believe that people are butting into their business and judging them unfairly. 

The specialists can guide you and others in expressing yourselves in a way that is non-threatening and loving. You can point out your concerns and give examples of the addict’s own detrimental behavior without alienating this person from your life. 

It may be important as well that you gather people who are on the same page as you in showing concern about the addict’s behavior. If you include people who make excuses for the addict or believe that this person does not need professional services, your efforts could quickly unravel and be undermined by disagreement. The specialists at the intervention service will ensure that everyone gathered for this important meeting shares the same concerns and thoughts about helping the addict recover. If anyone has questions or believes that the addict can heal himself or herself, the specialists can also educate the group on why rehab is the best solution in helping a drug addict or alcoholic recover successfully. 

The people who work for the service also can point out that interventions are not just for everyday people. Some of the most famous celebrities in the world have benefited from interventions. Celebrities like Drew Barrymore were guided toward recovery when concerned family members and friends stepped in and convinced them to seek help.

Sitting on the sidelines while a loved one destroys himself or herself with drug addiction and alcoholism makes you feel helpless and frustrated. You can be guided in what to say and how to act by hiring services that specialize in staging interventions with addicts’ friends and relatives.

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