Five Ways To Train Your Brain To Lose Weight

Losing weight is the most difficult thing in the world. That might sound like an overstatement, but it isn’t. If you have been lucky enough to stay slim your entire life you won’t understand. But, if you have battled with your weight before, you will know the painful process. Of course, eating healthily and exercising regularly should be enough to keep you healthy. If you are looking to shed the pounds, however, you might want to try a bit of brain training. It can work wonders.

1. Change your Mind Set

Diet is a negative word. As soon as you hear it for the first time, you immediately think of eating salads and fruit and pine for junk food. You are already fighting a losing battle because you are now more likely to eat poorly as temptation can be too much. All the negativity makes it harder to stick to the script, so tell yourself before you start your diet, ‘I am excited to exercise and eat healthily’.

Instead of dreading meals and going to the gym, you will be excited. The more you enjoy the process of losing weight, the more weight you will lose.

2. Create a Vision Board

The brain is an amazing, complex network of data and information that works best of visual imaging. When you can physically see something or the idea is concrete, you automatically achieve better results. The idea of losing weight and eating healthily can be ephemeral; it is just an idea, and there is no end product.

A vision board makes the idealistic become realistic. You can attach images to the board that represent what you want to achieve. For example, if you want to get back to the level of fitness you had when you were twenty-one, put up an image of you at your peak. Or, if you dream of a beach body take a cutting from a magazine. Visualisation is everything with regards to losing weight.

3. Train your Muscles

If your body isn’t efficient, it will make losing weight harder. Every act of your body from its ability to burn off calories to swallowing food will have an effect, so If you have trouble swallowing food go to to find methods that make it easier. For example, if you struggle to swallow food properly it will have a negative effect on your previously positive frame of mind. You won’t enjoy meal times and won’t eat enough as a result. Remember that starving yourself isn’t a good option and it is incredibly unhealthy.

4. Take Baby Steps

Don’t expect too much too soon because it will end badly. Take little steps and ease yourself into your diet. So, don’t be afraid to treat yourself once a week to tame your cravings. Going cold turkey is not going to help anyone and it is unhealthy if anything else.

5. Go Easy on Yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you are struggling to keep up with the diet. Talk to someone who understands to get it off your chest and stay positive. It is ten times harder to get out of a rut if you are miserable.

Your brain is the most important muscle in your body. It makes perfect sense, then, that it is the most important tool to lose weight.

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