Creating Mindful Habits Which Will Lead to a Better Smile (Literally)

Daily maintenance of our teeth for most of us is somewhat of a chore. In the morning and evenings, we turn ourselves on autopilot and just “go go go!” with teeth brushing and flossing being part of that. However, creating a more mindful approach to the health of our teeth and gums can lead to better health and more confident smiles.


Create a Care Plan

Consult a downtown Montreal dentist whom you will be able to visit easily and regularly, and talk about your renewed commitment to maintaining your dental health. Ask about how you can make your daily routine more effective, enquire regarding proper brushing and flossing techniques, and learning if there are any additional treatments available for you.


Invest in the Proper Tools

Equipment can make a difference in how effective your daily routine is to the overall state of your teeth and gums. Ask your dentist for recommendations in terms of toothbrushes, water flossers or tongue scrapers. Not only will these motivate you to use them, but they will do the job better, keeping you healthier.


Think About What You are Doing and Why

While brushing your teeth, don’t just let your mind wander. Focus on what you are doing and how you are doing it. Go over the entire surface area of your teeth, polishing them and removing plaque, bacteria, and food remnants. Think about how you are making them cleaner, healthier, and whiter. Knowing they are in good health means you can smile WIDER!


Create Goals

While fitness goals are certainly more popular than ones associated with dental health, they work quite similarly. Once you create goals in terms of whiteness, straight days of flossing, or whatever your dentist recommends, it’s time to start accomplishing them. Track your progress, make these challenges habits, and enjoy the knowledge that you are taking care of your whole self, just like you do with your muscles, your skin, hair, nails and more. Your smile and teeth are something that you should respect like the rest of yourself.


Be Proud of Your Journey

You might want to take it all one step further and work on the alignment of your teeth or perhaps have them whitened. We’re all for it! Your teeth don’t just allow you to eat and digest your food, they also give you a brilliant smile, the cornerstone of many people’s unique look and confidence. There’s no shame in working hard to achieve the look you want. Talk to your dentist about what you would like and how to get there. They should be receptive to the idea and give you feedback as needed.


Go on, book that dentist appointment, and get started on your road to a more mindful dental experience and a more confident smile!



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