8 Benefits of Eating Organic

Even in a world full of modern conveniences, it’s not always easy to make the right choices when it comes to eating healthy. For this reason services that deliver organic fruit to your doorstep have become popular as they allow for ways to incorporate organic foods into your diet, without fuss. These are eight of the many reasons why organic may be the right choice for you. Companies like the Fruit Guys deliver organic produce and can get you eating right in no time, simply because delivery saves time and affords you the opportunity to eat healthy, more often. If you’re still not convinced that eating organic is better than a conventionally grown product, check out the 8 benefits listed below:

  1. Eat Organic to Avoid Eating Chemicals

  It is estimated that 60 % of all herbicides, 90% of all fungicides, and 30% of all pesticides are carcinogenic. By law, foods that are labeled “organic” must be produced without pesticides or other synthetics. With conventionally grown produce, the exposure to toxins is unknown. The surest way to avoid these contaminants is to stick with organic ingredients whenever possible.

  1. Organic Is Safer for Children

  Children are more susceptible to harmful chemicals than adults, and they have many years of eating ahead of them. Serving them organic ingredients will reduce their exposure and will best protect them from toxins in food.  

  1. Help the Environment by Making the Switch

  Dangerous synthetic chemicals used in agriculture are found in the water supply of millions of people. Through erosion, soil is disappearing seven times faster than it can be replaced. Organic farmers do not contribute to water pollution, and by law they must have a program in place for re-building the soil. Environmental benefits are another great reason to eat organic.

  1. Organic Is Healthier for Farm Workers

  In the U.S., farm workers are exposed to the highest levels of agricultural toxins of anybody. They and their families have suffered terribly as a result. Buying organic ingredients acknowledges and supports a safer work environment for the people who provide our nation’s food.  

  1. A Choice that Supports Local Farmers

  Most farms that produce organic foods are small, independent operations. The choice to buy organic helps keep local farms operating and reduces the costs associated with the global transport of food.  

  1. Organic Farming Saves Energy and Promotes Bio-Diversity

The production of organic foods requires less energy than is needed for conventional farming. Plus, many of these growers use methods and techniques that reverse the effects of mono-cropping and return nutrients to the soil naturally rather than through fertilizers.  

  1. Overall the Costs Are Similar and Organic Tastes Better

There are many hidden costs in conventional food production, including:

  • Agriculture and energy subsidies
  • Chemical regulation and testing
  • Hazardous waste disposal and environmental cleanup
  • Illnesses and hospitalizations
  • The loss of a fair wage for farm workers

  Also, many people find the taste of organic foods to be superior. After accounting for all of these factors, organic options are well-priced.

  1. A Great Way to Avoid GMOs and Support Innovative Research

Studies suggest that GMOs pose a significant health risk to those who eat them. By law, organic foods are free from these ingredients. Organic farmers have also made major contributions that minimize the environmental costs of agriculture.   With all the advantages organic foods offer, it is no wonder that people are putting more and more organic fruit and vegetables on their plates.

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