7 Scientific Benefits of Using Collagen Powder

Collagen is among the main source of protein supplement in the body and also structural protein for connective tissue.

When you supplement your body with collagen, it helps to improve arthritis symptoms and joint health. In this article, you will see and learn 7 scientific benefits you experience after using collagen:

  1. Treating Bedsores

For patients who suffer from bedsores or pressure ulcers, they showed a great improvement. When they supplement with collagen hydrolysate thrice every day for a period of eight weeks, you will get results of improved healing. It is, therefore, a vital supplement to consider.

  1. Improving Osteoarthritis And Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

If you are suffering from such conditions, you need to use the chicken type II collagen because it helps in reducing the swollen and tender joints. According to the test conducted, people suffering from such conditions benefited and their symptoms disappeared.

  1. Improving Skin Health

In your body, the skin is the largest organ and it contains collagen as part of the component. However, it continues to decrease with time every year. The decrease of collagen results to loosening, sagging of skin and wrinkles.

According to the study that was done on women, it proved that daily consumption of collagen enhances skin elasticity. It was an indication that there was enough supplementation of collagen. Besides, it was also reported that it helped improve the skin moisture, roughness and reducing wrinkles.

  1. Improving Joint Health

When a study was conducted to people with joint pain, it was found that collagen hydrolysate significantly helped to reduce the pain. Besides, people also suffering from knee pain also have an advantage because it helps them to reduce activity-related pain.

  1. Increasing Hair Growth

If you don’t know, there is an effective collagen powder for hair growth that is essential for use. In case you find that you have thinning hair, using collagen helps to improve the volume of hair, shine, skin coverage, and thickness. Besides, you will also realize smoothness and moisture improvement.

However, topical administration of the supplement helps in hair growth because it attaches and penetrates into your outer layer of the hair follicle and help to increase thickness.

  1. Improves Blood Sugar Regulation

The human normal blood sugar levels should range between 70-130 mg/dL between the meals and should not be more than 180 mg/dL within a period of two hours after eating.

According to a study, people who took collagen supplements were found to have a reduction of their blood sugar, cholesterol, creatinine and blood pressure level.

So that you can manage the blood glucose levels, the doctors will recommend exercise and diet.

  1. Increases Bone Density

It is a major component found in bones. As people continue to age, their collagen production will continue to decrease in their bones and therefore resulting in low bone density. If you check at people who are over 70 years, they have the lowest bone density and therefore the risk for injury.

So, hydrolyzed collagen helps to stimulate human cartilage that produces cells and therefore making extracellular matrix molecules like collagen.


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