5 Supplements That Will Enhance the Effects of Your Workouts

If you love working out, you’ll more than likely love the effects you see after working hard. We need to work out in order to stay healthy, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the effect it has on our bodies. Many people like to take supplements to enhance the effects of their workouts, so they can see better results in a shorter time frame. Don’t worry, the following supplements are totally safe to take! Check them out:


Pre Workout


Taking a pre workout before you hit the gym can make you work much harder. It’s especially great for people who exercise in the evening after work, and don’t feel much like leaving the house. It’ll pump you up and get you ready to workout hard! However, you’ll need to start off with small doses, as you can experience a racing heart and dizziness if you aren’t careful. There are lots of different kinds out there. If you prefer to use something more natural, a cup of black coffee beforehand can make a world of difference. You may find that you can run faster, lift heavier, and work at a more intense pace – almost as if you are superhuman!




Taking creatine won’t make you stronger or faster. However, it will allow you to make yourself stronger and faster! Creatine helps you to work harder and more intensely, with a quicker recovery time. Creatine is safe and natural, and found in certain foods too. However, many people find taking it as a supplement works best for them as well as eating it in their food, to ensure they get enough of it.




Got the last few pounds of fat to burn off? Then try yohimbine. This is a great supplement to take before a competition, so you can truly see the definition and progress you’ve made over the months. It’s a natural chemical found in trees.


Protein Powder


We all need protein to fill us up and help to build our muscles. Even if you aren’t building muscle, it’s important you try to keep it by eating your protein. Losing muscle will result in an undefined, saggy appearance. You should have plenty of protein with your breakfast, in the form of eggs. You can then use protein powder to create shakes and other tasty snacks for after your workouts. Follow the manufacturers instructions when it comes to how much to take. You can even find protein made especially for people who are ‘hard gainers’. Perfect if you struggle to pack on muscle mass!




BCAA is short for ‘Branch Chain Amino Acids’. These aren’t found in the body, but our bodies do need them. Usually, we get them through food. The problem is, we don’t eat food rich enough in them to have the desired effect. Taking BCAA’s as a supplement will ensure that you keep as much muscle mass as possible, no matter what workouts you’re doing.


Try these 5 supplements and you should see a huge difference in your performance and body!


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