5 Signs That You May Need Glasses

Vision really matters.  Without your eyesight you lose your independence and become reliant on those around you to help conduct as normal a life as possible. We use our eyesight almost every second of our waking hours.  Our vision is arguably the most vital of our five senses but very few of us actually ever book eye tests to protect it.  With a large proportion of us working in offices at computers, over time this can wreak havoc on our eye health. 

As vision deteriorates very slowly over time, we are often unaware that it is even happening and that is why it is crucial to get your eyes frequently checked so that you are aware of the health of your eyes and can keep on top of any potential problems. An eye test can detect early signs of conditions like Glaucoma, which is a major cause of blindness. Here are 5 tell-tale signs that may indicate that you need glasses:

#1 Squinting

This is when you partially close your eyes, often screwing them up in an attempt to see more clearly, this is one of the clear indications that you might need glasses.  People often squint when they are trying to focus on distant objects in an attempt to aid their eye’s natural focussing.  In the short-term squinting can improve your vision as screwing up your eyes reduces the size of the pupil in your eye which in effect means less light enters your eye thus reducing blurred vision.

Squinting at objects is not normal and is a sign that your are not visualising things clearly.  If you are repeatedly squinting at things then you should go for an eye test to see if there is actually a problem.  Remember, conditions that are spotted early are often easily dealt with but can be potentially fatal when left.


#2 Headaches

Headaches are another sign which could mean that you need glasses.  Most headaches which are related to strained eyes and eyesight tend to manifest in the front or side of your head and usually last for several hours.  If you are constantly suffering from headaches then the best thing is to visit your GP to rule out anything sinister and also visit an optician for an eye test to ensure your eye health is tip top.

#3 Holding objects far away from you

When reading a newspaper or book do you find yourself holding your reading material further away from you than is deemed a normal and reasonable position? If so, this is likely to indicate that you may be glasses for reading.  Our eyes are designed with a lens of its own with the very function of focusing on objects.  When we get older, as with everything to do with our bodies, our faculties age over time and slowly deteriorate and this is no different with our eyes.  Overtime the lens in our eyes stops functioning as efficiently when we are younger and this is why we start holding objects further away from us.  This condition does in fact continue to worsen the older we get which in turn may result in our need for stronger and stronger glasses.

#4 Blurred Vision

Blurred vision is the loss of sharpness of vision.  If you suffer from blurred vision while reading or working at a computer then this may mean you may need glasses.  Furthermore, if things are out of focus then it is best to get this investigated as this means that your eyes are not focusing the way they used to.

#5 Misjudging distances

If you find it hard to accurately judge distances, this may mean that you may have problems with seeing things in focus.  Stereopsis is the term used to describe our eye’s ability to perceive depth.  This is easily treated with a pair of glasses which can greatly improve depth perception.

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