4 Ways to relax before bed that don’t involve screens

It’s really hard to power down before going to bed. The temptation to spend your last waking hours scrolling through social media and answering messages is a strong one. Unfortunately, the exposure to a bright screen right before bed is bad for your sleep patterns. Blue light especially has been shown to artificially stimulate you before you try to wind down for the night.

So what ways are there to relax before bed that don’t involve light-emitting screens?

Increase your comfort level

Nothing is harder than going to sleep when you don’t feel comfortable in your own bed. So make your nightly routine one that leaves you calm, relaxed and ready for some shut eye. Take a nice shower, exfoliate your skin and wear fresh pajamas. Make sure to keep your bed sheets clean. Maybe try lounging around in a nice robe while you relax. We recommend the Cariloha ultra plush bathrobe because the bamboo is luxuriously soft and ultra-plush. Also, the bamboo fabric runs cooler than cotton and is moisture wicking so you won’t get sticky and uncomfortable.


Whether you prefer counting sheep, clearing your mind through mindfulness, or imagining your happy place beside a magnificent waterfall, it’s important to clear away complex thoughts before going to sleep. There are many apps that can help you calm down through guided meditation, but you can also lead yourself through mindfulness activities. It’s easy to lay awake, fretful with the stress of the day or worrying about the next day. So make a conscious effort to unplug, let go, and meditate.

Create a night time routine

Every night, pick a routine that will relax you. You could read a book, talk about your day with your partner, light a candle, take a bath, or follow a nighttime skin care routine. By making the activities habit, you will find comfort in the way you end your day. It will also signal to your body that it is time to start lowering energy levels and prepare for sleep. So, for example, if you read a book every night, your body will recognize reading at night as a signal to power down, producing more melatonin for a more rejuvenating sleep.

Write in a journal or reflect

If you find that your daily life has been especially stressful or action packed, spend 10-15 minutes at the end of the day to reflect. Write down what you liked and what bothered you about the day. Reflect on your progress towards your goals or any setbacks you might’ve experienced. It will help you mentally check off your concerns and acknowledge the hard work you’ve put in, giving you a healthier state of mind for the night.




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