4 Reasons to Consider Hiring a Live-in Caregiver

It might take time to contemplate hiring a live-in caregiver. You understand all the advantages, but you also worry about the expense. For someone like you who also has other things to spend your money on, it might seem impractical to have a live-in caregiver to take care of the patient. Besides, you can always rush to the hospital if anything wrong happens.

The truth is that these patients are at a stage of their lives when things can get complicated. They might have certain illnesses that need more attention. They might also be fully dependent on someone to take care of their daily needs. This is why you have to think hard before shrugging off the idea of hiring someone full time.

  1. Recurring illnesses

Instead of going back to the hospital over and over again, you might prefer to have someone stay with the family. This person will take care of all the medical needs. You can also count on the caregiver to understand the illness and constantly update the doctor regarding progress. In the long run, you are saving more money considering that you don’t need to spend more money on hospital bills.

  1. Physical disability

There are patients who don’t have serious illnesses but they might have suffered from physical disabilities that hinder them from moving on their own. They need assistance to go to the bathroom or eat. Doing these tasks without help might be possible, but take a lot of time. You have other tasks to finish, so it would be great if someone was there to provide full time assistance.

  1. Memory loss

This is a huge problem since the patient becomes a risk to himself. Those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease might not even remember their name or who the people around them are. Worse, they might not remember the feeling of pain, joy or sadness. They could use items that might hurt them. They might be physically capable of doing tasks, but once memory loss kicks in, it becomes a major problem.

  1. Lots of other tasks

This is more about you than the patient. In as much as you might want to help with all those tasks yourself, you can’t. You also have to earn a living. You also have kids to attend to. Taking care of the patient full time might eat up a lot of your time.

Rest assured you can count on live in care agencies to do the job. All you need to do is to call them and ask them for the type of services offered. You will then be sent someone who is capable of doing the job.

Image via freedigitalphotos.net (artur84)

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