You can eat healthy without breaking your bank

You can eat healthy without breaking your bank

Staying healthy is the most favourite new year resolution of most men and women. But most of them just give up the plan before March. Sometimes because they do not take it serious or they cannot afford to have a healthy diet as most of the healthy food are very expensive. So it is almost impossible to be healthy with a limited budget. It is quite surprising how cheap the unhealthy fast food and how expensive all the healthy food are. But with careful planning you can have a healthy diet which will not break your wallet.

Buying fresh food on a budget is a main challenge but you can overcome this by making a combination of lettuce and other leafy greens and frozen vegetables. Have lots of green leaves for your salads and the rest of the vegetable requirement can be filled with frozen vegetables. Frozen vegetables come in various combinations. Sometimes it will be a single vegetable or sometimes it will be a combination of mixed vegetables. Also in addition you can grow some green leaves on your kitchen counter to save even more money. Of course this is possible only if you have a kitchen ample to place some pots on the kitchen counter. Keeping the pots on the window sill will be ideal for the plants to grow but also just the light from the fluorescent lights also quite sufficient. Herbs and cherry tomatoes are well known for growing successfully indoors.

Fruits also vital for our health and for good bowel movements which releases all the toxins inside our body. It is best to buy the fresh fruits in season and buy frozen fruits when it is off season. Also make sure that you buy locally grown fruits which always cost cheaper than the fruits which were shipped from another part of the country or from abroad. Or you can buy an extra portion of seasonal fruit and store them in the freezer and consume during the off-season.

Buying just the portion of meat and poultry you need is not very economical in the long run. Compare the prices of smaller portions and the bulk prices. It is the best to buy larger portions of meat and re-pack them in smaller portions which is enough for a meal. This way you can thaw only the package you are going to use for a particular meal while the rest of the poultry are securely stored in the freezer.

Cooking bigger portions also a way you can save money on the long run. Instead of cooking each and every time time you eat you can cook bigger portions and refrigerate them to be used on a later date. This way you will be saving on your time and money both.

Unfortunately it has become the norm that when people turn 40 they suffer from diabetes, heart disease or unusual blood pressure. So it is vital that we do regular exercises and stick to a healthy diet to stay away from the diseases or more importantly keep the diseases very much in control if you are already suffering from any health condition.

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