Why You’re ‘Losing Weight’ But Not Changing Shape

Why You’re ‘Losing Weight’ But Not Changing Shape

Women seem to be becoming obsessed with ‘weight loss’ and getting slim like their favourite celebs. However, there’s so many differing opinions out there, that it can be hard to know what works! You may even find, like so many other women, that you’re ‘losing weight’ on the scale, but you don’t seem to be changing shape. Want to know why this happens? Read on:


You’re Trying to Lose Weight, When You Should be Losing Fat


Losing weight is what you think you want, but it isn’t really. I’ll try and put it in simple terms so that even the novice fitness/health freak can understand. ‘Weight’ can refer to fat, muscle, and water. Losing all 3 of those will result in a change in the scale, but not necessarily a change in the shape of your body or the overall amount of inches lost. What’s the point in losing 4 pounds in ‘weight’ for example, if it’s only a small amount of fat and the rest is muscle and water? Muscle contributes to the ‘toned’ look we have, so we definitely don’t want to lose that!


Losing fat over everything else, while keeping as much muscle as possible, will definitely result in a change in our body shape. A lower body fat percentage shows off more muscle, helping us to look lean and toned. You can measure whether you’re losing fat or not by using a tape measure to see inch loss, rather than a scale. You can use a scale every now and again, but I wouldn’t recommend using it as the sole indicator of how you’re doing – it’ll just confuse you!


Weight fluctuates all the time. You could even put on weight according to the scale, which will upset you, but you’ve actually lose inches! This means you’ve gotten smaller, whether or not the scale says you’re heavier, which is what you want, right? Think about it!


You’re Focusing on Calories Too Much


Calories are not the be all and end all. I know way too many people that try to restrict their calories to ‘lose weight’, but this is unhealthy and unsustainable. You need to find a healthy calorie range that will help you to shed fat, while keeping your body nourished and satisfied. You won’t pile it all back on then either as you can continue eating in the same way!


The ingredients in your food are more important than calorie content. 400 calories of vegetables is going to nourish your body and do more good for it than 400 calories of cheese, bread, and processed meat. A calorie is NOT just a calorie. Scientifically you’ll lose weight if you control them, but it’s fat we want to lose, remember?!


You can even use supplements along with a natural diet to get better fat loss results. Customer results with Garcinia Cambogia pure extract are said to be substantial.


You Aren’t Exercising


You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to lose fat and change your body shape. Simply finding an exercise you enjoy while nourishing your body and not starving yourself will do you a world of good. Short bursts of intense exercise are best if you want to spend minimal time in the gym. Try a mix of cardio and resistance for the best effect! Resistance training is essential for becoming strong and getting that gorgeous toned look.


Now you can change your body shape confidently. Ignore the scales, measure your progress, focus on natural ingredients, and get in a bit of exercise. You’ll love the results!


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