Why Can’t You Lose Weight? Five Simple Reasons You Can’t Shift Those Pounds

Why Can’t You Lose Weight? Five Simple Reasons You Can’t Shift Those Pounds

So, you have been dieting and exercising for a while now, and you still can’t see any results. If you still weigh the same as you did when you started your regime, you are doing something wrong. Sometimes, people think that they are doing everything right, and yet they are not. If you are struggling to shift that excess weight, you need to take action. Here are five simple reasons you are not losing weight.



  1. You’re a secret snacker


If you are calorie-counting, are you considering the snacks you eat as well? Some people make the mistake of only counting their main meals, and purposely ignoring the snacks and drinks they have. If you don’t count everything you eat, you have no idea how many calories you consume each day. That means that you could be eating more than you should be. You may gain weight by eating those snacks, and so you need to cut it out. Carry a notebook with you and write down everything you eat throughout the day.


  1. You’re not giving your body what it needs


Your body needs particular things if you want to lose weights. Taking supplements, such as Maximum Shred and Deer Antler could help to replenish what your body needs. You should also make sure that you drink loads of water on a daily basis. If you fail to hydrate yourself, you will never be able to lose any weight. Sometimes, people think that the best way to lose weight is to starve themselves. That is not true at all. In fact, it is a dangerous notion. You need to replace the unhealthy things with lean food and supplements so that you are healthy.



  1. You are under loads of stress


If you are under stress at work or home, you will find that you struggle to lose weight. Stress will slow your metabolism down, and so you will start to gain weight at a steady rate. People also tend to eat more than usual when they worry about things in their life. In fact, many people use food as a safety net when things are going wrong. After a hard day at work, they might come home and eat loads of pasta because they feel that they need it. They don’t. You should avoid comfort-eating and stress if you can.


  1. You don’t track your progress


When you start an exercise program, you need to ensure that you follow your progress. It ‘s hard to motivate yourself to work hard when you are in the gym. If you keep notes on how you are doing, you will find that it is simple to keep a high level of motivation going. You should set yourself targets and goals so that you have something to work towards when you exercise. You should set deadlines for each goal so that you have to work super hard to reach it. If you fail to track your progress, you will find it difficult to keep up with your routine.


  1. You think about exercise too much


Are you always thinking about working out but never doing it? If you spend much of the day thinking about what you will do in the gym, you could be hindering yourself. When people think about exercise, they start to eat more than they would. That is a natural reaction. Your body craves food because it believes that you are about to do a massive workout. If you don’t end up doing that workout, you will have eaten loads of food for no reason.


Now that you know why you are not losing weight, you can work to rectify your issues. In no time at all, you should see those pounds drop off you. Come on, you are just a few steps away from reaching perfection!


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