Who Makes Supplements?

Who Makes Supplements?

Supplements can be a vital part of your daily health and nutrition plan — or a vital part of your business strategy in the health and lifestyle space. But either way, you’ll probably want to know one important thing. Who actually makes supplements and vitamins?

It’s rather important that supplements and vitamins are effective, and even more important that they’re safe. After all, these are things which go into your body and your customers’ bodies. Here’s what you need to know about supplements, how and why they work, and who makes them.

Supplements, health, and safety

Supplements are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The requirements for supplements, while not as stringent as those for prescription drugs, are nevertheless significant. The FDA has the power to crack down on supplements and vitamins which they believe are causing health issues. So it’s extremely important that the supplement manufacturers you rely upon are trustworthy. They need to be providing FDA-approved supplements that are proven to be safe and effective for you and your customers.

Relying on vitamin and supplement manufacturers

There is another reason, of course, to be concerned about who makes supplements. Business owners who want to sell or brand supplements may not be ready to supply their own products. That’s okay, because businesses can outsource the actual production of supplements to trusted companies with strong reputations for making safe, reliable, and effective supplements.

Consumers will be glad to know that the folks who actually make their vitamins are the same companies that have done so for years. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs should be thrilled to know how much trouble (and money) they could save by relying on outside production.

The business case for outsourcing supplement production

If you’re starting or maintaining a business in the health and lifestyle space, you have a lot of options for getting reliable supplements to your consumers. There are vitamin manufacturers willing and able to deliver orders of many different sizes, and new businesses will find that they can even brand the supplements with their own logos and brand names.

Customers will identify these reliable supplements and vitamins with your growing company, while you’ll get trusted products safely and affordably without having to resort to manufacturing them yourself (hardly feasible) or turning to less reliable manufacturers (not a good idea in any business space, least of all in the health and lifestyle business space).

You don’t have to be at the helm of a big business to outsource. Even, and perhaps especially, smaller businesses are finding that outsourcing makes sense. And outsourcing production in particular can take all sorts of concerns about overhead costs and quality control off of your plate, allowing you to focus on branding, marketing, and customer service.

Supplements are trustworthy and good for you

Supplements are a great idea. Multivitamins and other supplements may have positive health effects, because they provide your body with vitamins and minerals that it may not get from your usual diet. Supplements are affordable and easy to use in a consistent way day to day.

Since supplements are made by trusted companies, you can count on them to be good for you, and for your customers, without putting anyone at risk. If you work in the health and lifestyle space and are in the market for supplements for your business, be sure to reach out to vitamin manufacturers who offer FDA-approved supplements and make it easy to quickly get supplements to your shelves and distributors. And make sure they have your branding on the bottles and other containers, of course!


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