Top three differences between natural vitamins vs. synthetic

Top three differences between natural vitamins vs. synthetic

Literally everyone on this planet would choose natural products if given to opt between synthetic produce and that which comes directly from the nature.

In this busy era, we have less time to observe our health. There are times when we overlook our nutritional requirement owing to a hectic schedule. Such ignorance is fine with short durations, where the body can somehow compensate. However, if the situation prolongs, it would eventually lead us deficient in many essential nutrients which may be required by our body for certain vital functions.

Vitamins have been formulated to overcome such shortcomings in our diet. Many a times, doctors recommend intake of formulated supplements so as to fulfill the necessity of that particular ingredient in our body.

On an individual basis, if you are required to choose between natural vitamins vs. synthetic what would you do? Many amongst you will eventually fall for the natural produce. Of course, vitamins that come directly from natural sources take an edge over those that are artificially produced.

After doing research, I always choose organic vitamins over non-organic ones’. The content of the following article shall explain the reason as well.
Vitamins in our body work in association with transporters and cofactors, which are actually absent in those vitamins which are produced in a laboratory. This could be a reason why many of us do not find such marketed supplements beneficial or working.

For production by synthetic means, vitamins are isolated, and this might be done with the help of several chemical processes, the traces of which might be unacceptable to our body for digestion. Such added artifacts may also harm our body in one or many ways. Sources also say that vitamins which are fat-soluble, such as vitamin A, D, E and K, may tend to build up fat in your body maybe due to its artificial component.

So if you are a person who leans upon the use of vitamins in diet, better opt for the organic ones. Hence, before buying any such product, you must take care of the following things:

  • Check the label. If the vitamin is a processed one, it would definitely be mentioned there
  • If the organic vitamin contains any allergic material or any artifact, it should be mentioned

Use of natural vitamins can boost your health in several ways. Firstly, it would spike up your defense mechanism. Secondly, it will ace your energy and stamina. In addition to it, natural vitamins can swipe off early signs of aging as well.

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