The Essential Guide To Quitting Smoking (For Good)

The Essential Guide To Quitting Smoking (For Good)

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do. Each time you smoke you are damaging your health and shortening your lifespan. The hideous damage that smoking does to your insides is awful. You’ve seen the photographs on the side of tobacco packets, and yet you continue to smoke. It’s an addiction, you tell yourself, and right now you are not ready to combat it. But if not now, then when? You can’t keep putting off quitting just because you don’t feel ready. Every week that you continue to smoke is bad for your general health. Every time you decide to put another cigarette to your lips, you are choosing to do harm to your body. Ask yourself, why you are doing it to yourself? Wouldn’t it be better to stop smoking altogether?


You may have tried to quit in the past and failed. On average people try to quit smoking three times, before they succeed. Don’t feel disheartened. You can quit smoking. Here is the essential guide to help you quit smoking for good.


Prepare For A Cold Or Cough


When people quit smoking, they often get ill. Getting a cough or cold is part of your withdrawal symptoms, so don’t worry. The best thing you can do to combat the symptoms is prepare beforehand. Stock up on all the medicine you will need when you get ill. Get some honey and lemon in and even some tablets. Make sure you invest in as many tissues as you will need. The fact that you are ready to tackle your withdrawal symptoms means that you will be able to deal with getting ill. Many people break when they start to get a cough and reach for the nearest cigarette. Don’t do it. Instead, make sure that you’re prepared and deal with the cold straight away.


Try E-Cigarettes


E-cigarettes are a great option for people when they are trying to quit. You can replace harmful cigarettes with an electronic alternative. Changing to e-cigarettes means that you are much healthier. The e liquid inside e-cigarettes contains nicotine in small amounts. That means that when you puff on an e-cigarette you get your dose of nicotine, meaning no nasty withdrawal symptoms. You are also doing something with your hands, which means you won’t miss the action of smoking. Many people have used e-cigarettes to quit smoking. Over time, you can reduce your nicotine intake, meaning that you stop the addiction for good.


Find Another Habit


One thing that many smokers miss when they decide to quit is the action of smoking. You should find another, less harmful, habit to keep you busy when you need something to do. Many people take up chewing gum or even something as silly as knitting. No matter what habit you decide to take up, it is sure to be better for you than lighting up a cigarette. Having something else to do will distract you from wanting to smoke, and could make quitting easier.


Take Up An Exercise


Smoking makes exercising more difficult. If you take up an exercise routine whilst you are quitting smoking, you will find that you don’t want to smoke. Exercising is healthy, and if your body is unfit, then you will find it hard. The longer you avoid relapsing and having a cigarette, the easier your exercise routine will feel. Take up something fun, such as salsa dancing or even yoga. Whatever you decide to do, you can have the peace of mind that you are getting more fit two-fold. You are ridding your body of harmful substances and also improving your fitness levels by exercising.


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