The Benefits of Visiting a Holistic Dentist San Diego!

The Benefits of Visiting a Holistic Dentist San Diego!

For some people, going to see a dentist is nothing less than a nightmare and yet they really cannot stop if they wish to keep their gums and teeth healthy and strong. Previously, people did not have any other option at their disposal when it came to visiting a dentist as long as they wished to maintain their oral health. A conventional dentist had to be visited regularly for checkups, cleaning and several other necessary procedures. However, a new approach has been introduced in dentistry and it offers people another avenue to explore in regard to treatment. The holistic approach is very unique and different and can help people in achieving optimal dental health.


Dentists using this approach can offer the same outcomes as regular dentists, but they simply are using a better way to go about it. Nonetheless, some people may not visit a holistic dentist San Diego because they have misconceptions about this method of treatment. This is a mistake on the part of individuals because there are a number of benefits they can reap when they opt to visit a holistic dentist as compared to a traditional one. People can get their problems sorted out with a holistic practitioner. The only difference is that they abstain from using any toxic and dangerous materials and ingredients when they are rendering oral care.

They are aware of the damage inflicted by these materials and go for healthier and safer ingredients that can have a positive impact on the overall health of individuals. This is one of the reasons why holistic dentists are not in the habit of using mercury amalgam fillings or offer fluoride treatments because they are aware of the negative side effects of both mercury and fluoride, which tend to last a long while and can give rise to a variety of health complications amongst people.

Similarly, people will discover that a holistic dentist San Diego is not very fond of using crowns either because part or the entire tooth has to be removed when they are drilled. They wish to keep the tooth intact as much as possible. Apart from that, a holistic dentist will never offer their patients sealants, unlike a traditional dentist. Sealant materials are made from ingredients and chemicals that can disrupt the hormones. Neither is it suitable for adults, nor for children. In addition, X Rays are another process that holistic dentists do not admire.

They are sparingly recommended by holistic dentists because the rays are not safe for either children or adults. Only when it’s absolutely necessary will a holistic dentist actually recommend them. Even when the patients need fillings, these dentists take a lot of time and choose the material that suits every patient biologically. They don’t have a standard material, but will select one as per the needs of every patient. They consider the patient’s health history and their dental records before choosing one. Therefore, a holistic dentist San Diego is a good choice as they consider the health of every individual sacred.

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