The Benefits of Ephedra Extract

The Benefits of Ephedra Extract

Many careers today involve spending a majority of one’s day performing sedentary habits such as sitting or standing in place. This can make it extremely difficult to maintain healthy body weight and muscle tone, and invites a host of health problems to arise. For many of us, these problems can spiral into a seemingly insurmountable situation. Gaining excess weight tends to sap us of the energy needed to exercise that weight back off, and for some it can exacerbate joint or mobility issues that increase the difficulty of one’s struggle back to wellness.


There are a host of weight loss solutions ranging from surgery to lifestyle changes, and regardless of what path you take, your doctor should always be consulted to help you determine the healthiest way forward. Used with a combination of healthy diet and exercise, dietary supplements like Ephedra pills are one convenient way to assist you in getting your wellness goals back on track.

What is Ephedra Extract?


Many of the dietary supplements that are designed to assist with weight loss contain Ephedra extract, which is derived from a variety of species of the shrub genus Ephedra—plants which are native and widespread on multiple continents, including North America. Ma-huang is a popular Chinese species commonly used in weight loss supplements.


Ephedra extract has been used for thousands of years on multiple continents to assist with cold and allergy symptoms among other things, and some studies suggest it can be an effective tool for weight loss, as well. A synthetic derivative of the Ephedra compound known as pseudoephedrine is commonly found in over-the-counter cold and allergy medication. While heavily processed and modified variants of Ephedra, known as Ephedrine, have been banned in the US, Ephedra extract is currently a legal dietary supplement component, and the subject of a good deal of research on weight loss and metabolism products.

How does Ephedra Extract Work?


Ephedra has a stimulant effect on the body, thermogenically boosting both your energy levels and metabolism. During exercise, the body burns calories to make muscles contract. However, some calories are lost through the creation and dissipation of heat. Thermogenic products maximize this secondary effect to help the body burn additional calories during exercise or even throughout the rest of the day.


While people often claim they have a lack of time for even a thirty minute burst of exercise, lack of energy is typically the biggest factor, especially when excess weight makes every activity more difficult. When we have more energy, we are more likely to seek out physical activity rather than avoid it, so thermogenic supplements not only help burn more fat, they also help people get motivated to move, which is half the battle.

Other Considerations


After consulting your doctor, if you begin a new diet and exercise regimen that includes Ephedra extract, many experts recommend you begin with the lowest possible dose to assess the effects on your body. If you’ve already been keeping a diet and exercise log, note when you first began using thermogenic diet supplements and measure your results carefully.


In some studies, dosages in excess of 32 mg Ephedra extract per day have been linked to adverse side effects, especially when combined with excessive amounts of caffeine, so be conscientious about how many energy drinks or cups of coffee you drink, along with any other supplements or stimulants while you use Ephedra extract.


Combining Ephedra extract with routine exercise and a low-fat diet can help overcome the initial hurdles of maintaining a weight loss regimen. The feeling of success and results that come from your combined efforts can help you stick to your weight-loss goals and ensure continued progress.


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