Lavender Essential Oil and Its Health Benefits

Lavender Essential Oil and Its Health Benefits

In today’s time, as our technology continue to advance and artificially – made products started its production, it might be impossible to think that organic products are still in demand in the market. Of course, it will stay in demand as it gives its consumers satisfying results and assured good outcomes. In the case of beauty products, many individuals will eventually choose to use organic beauty products than commercial beauty and personal care products since organic beauty products contain essential oils rather than potentially health dangerous artificial fragrances which the latter has.


One of such essential oil is lavender essential oil. We all know that oils are extracted material from flowers or spices using different kinds of methods of extraction. In the case of the lavender essential oil, it is extracted from the lavender plant through distillation. Because of the plant’s unique fragrance, in the past, it has been used to create perfumes. However, today, the lavender oil is not only used for perfumery but also in cosmetics such as lotions and soaps as well as in gels and for aromatherapy.

Here are some of the noted health benefits of the lavender oil. In the whole scenario, it is particularly known as a property that is good for skin care. Lavender comes from the Latin word lavere which means to wash. A few drops of the oil mixed with water provide an effective washing agent.

As we are centered with its health benefits for the skin, another benefit of using lavender oil is for its natural antifungal and antiseptic properties. Skin conditions such as wrinkles, acne and psoriasis can be treated by such oil.

Aside from fungal problems, the lavender oil could also be used as an anti-inflammatory remedy in skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, boils and carbuncles. In addition, it could also treat cuts, wounds, sunburn and other burns. This is possible as it has the characteristic to be able to aid in the formation of scar tissues.

The lavender oil comes in various forms like in the form of a cream or lotion. Cream and lotion are the most commonly used form in treating burns as it contains cicatrisant properties.

Other than, it is used as cure for skin conditions, lavender oil also serves as an effective insect repellent. Additionally, it is also used as massage oil because of its soothing and relaxing element. All in all, lavender oil is a helping tool in order to tone the skin and is effective against a variety of skin problems.

On one hand, you should not consider lavender oil as a prescribed medicine of the doctor. In case of having any serious ailment, it is best to consult a doctor than relying on your own prescription. Always keep in mind that lavender essential oilfollow is not a replacement for a real medical attention.

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