Indoor Cycling: Ride for a Healthy Living

Indoor Cycling: Ride for a Healthy Living

Indoor Cycling: Ride for a Healthy Living

Now that the latest craze for the 21st century population is to get back to shape and their major motto is to ensure proper functioning of the body, cycling can be a fun way of staying healthy and fit. Those in the business of health and body fitness have listened to the needs of the people and they have come up with their ingenious solutions. Indoor cycling bikes, for those who want to stay fit, stay in shape and can do that without hitting the gym, in fact without moving out of the house.

What can indoor cycling do for the body?

  • Endurance training: There are evidences to show that regular cycling improves the functioning of two of the most major organs in the body – the heart and the lungs. They are reported to be in good condition when a fixed cycling exercise schedule is maintained.
  • Strength training: This cycling not only trains to have a longer breath, it is indeed a strength training exercise. Following a proper schedule daily is instrumental in building body strength, endurance and the size of the skeletal muscle.

Major health benefits of cycling

  • Lungs and heart: As per different studies, research and evidences, it is suggested rather proved that cycling reduces the risk of diseases that owe their cause to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart malfunction and obesity. When a strict enough schedule is followed, cycling accelerates the blood circulation in the body thereby ensuring smooth functioning of all the major organs.
  • Body muscles and skeletal structure: Besides the two vital organs, cycling has its impact on the overall skeletal as well as muscular structure. Legs, arms, abdomen and back muscles are benefitted when you ride the bike regularly. Particularly the quadriceps is trained and you’re gifted with strong, beautiful legs.  If done properly, cycling can actually help in tackling the problems that arise out of brittle bones and weak muscles.
  • Fat burning: If the motto is to fight obesity and get back to shape, cycling is helpful without a doubt. Research suggests that 30 minutes to one hours cycling in a day, in an average speed of 21 km per hour reduces as much as 612 calories.  Well, there is no reason to think that cycling is the activity for the obese. If you have a perfect body, then also you can cycle to stay in shape.
  • Immunity system: Regular cycling actually helps in strengthening the immunity system of the body. The body cells develop enough power to fight the viruses, bacteria and other harmful microbes. In fact, there are several experts opining that cycling in this regard is more productive than any aerobic exercise.

What would be the ideal schedule or regimen to follow?

Excess of everything is harmful, so is the case for cycling. When done maintaining the correct postures, half an hour to one hour cycling a day turns out to be really effective. But for the desired results you got to do it regularly and diligently.

It is easy, it is convenient and above everything else, it is fun. So, don’t sit back and complain about being overweight; get a bike and start riding. You may consider indoor cycling bikes, if there isn’t enough space to go cycling. They are as effective and even more convenient because you need not go out of home.

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