How to Recognise and Overcome an Eating Disorder Before It’s Too Late

How to Recognise and Overcome an Eating Disorder Before It’s Too Late

Eating disorders come in all different shapes and sizes, just like we do. While the most commonly known and talked about eating disorders are anorexia and bulimia, there are other eating disorders that we need to be made aware of. Although eating disorders might seem like a solution to weight loss/gain, they are very unhealthy and will only make us self destruct in the long run. Read on to recognise and overcome an eating disorder before it’s too late:

Different Kinds of Eating Disorders




Anorexia can affect men and women of all ages. This disorder takes over your life, and is the most important thing to you. Many people lose the ability to see what they truly look like too. Anorexics typically have an intense fear of putting on weight, a distorted image of their bodies, and refuse to put on weight to achieve a healthy weight. Thoughts about dieting and food take up most of your day, and meal times are stressful. No matter how skinny you are, it’s never enough for you.


Binge Eating


All of us can over eat at some time or another. However, people who suffer from a binge eating disorder do it all of the time and it feels uncontrollable. They feel as if they are stuck in a vicious cycle. Usually, this is because it makes them feel like they can cope with negative emotions better, although they probably feel worse afterwards. Continuous eating in the day with no planned meal times is common.


Emotional Eating


Emotional eating us used to cope with all kinds of emotions, from anger to exhaustion. You may even use food as a reward. Emotional hunger will come on suddenly, and you’ll crave specific foods that you find comforting.




People who have bulimia often binge on foods, and then make themselves sick to get it out of their systems. They may also fast, or over exercise to get rid of the calories. You’ll get an overwhelming compulsion to binge eat, while being terrified that you’re going to put on weight afterwards.


Ways to Overcome Them


All eating disorders can be eliminated. The important thing is recognising you have one and wanting to overcome it, then you’re half way there. Here are some methods I advise:


  • Tell somebody about your problem. Make sure you trust them and ask them to help you.
  • Speak with an eating disorder therapist who will be able to tell you what you need to do and help you to better understand your feelings.
  • Keep a diary and write down your feelings so you can identify the feelings that usually lead to self sabotage.
  • Find a support group full of people who have the same issues as you.
  • Realise that this disorder will take time to overcome. You’ll need plenty of support too. Keep repeating positive affirmations, and you’ll overcome this.


Eventually, you’ll learn to love yourself as you are, and control those emotions that make you want to binge eat. Never give up. Stay strong!
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