How To Prevent And Treat Hair Loss

How To Prevent And Treat Hair Loss

Realizing that you’re experiencing hair loss can be devastating. Especially if you begin to lose your hair at an early age, hair loss can knock your self-esteem and change how you feel about yourself. You suddenly become much more self-conscious of your physical appearance. And this in turn affects your confidence. But preventing and treating hair loss is possible. There are many reasons that could lead to hair loss, from hormonal issues to dry and damaged hair. Both men and women experience it, though usually in different ways. By recognizing the common causes of hair loss, you can prevent it and treat it to restore the hair.


Preventing Hair Loss


There are ways to prevent hair loss in some cases, by altering how you look after your hair or your general health. Hair loss is often genetic, but it’s also often caused by outside factors. One such instance is having very dry and damaged hair. Very dry hair can lead to split-ends, excess hair breakage and hair loss. This is one instance where simply applying a good hair care routine could prevent hair loss. Using deep conditioners or leave-in conditioners will help to keep hair healthy and so will hot oil treatments.


Stress can also cause hair loss. There are many ways to combat stress to help prevent hair loss, and most people will find their own way of dealing with it. Some people might meditate, or some might take time out from the stressful aspects of their lives. Poor diet could cause hair loss too. You can help to prevent this by maintaining a balanced diet with sufficient vitamin intake.


Treating Hair Loss


Often you can’t prevent hair loss from happening, and the sufferer doesn’t see it coming. There are many causes of hair loss that can’t be help, from hormonal imbalances to genetic predispositions. Although there are treatments that claim to cause miracle hair growth in just a day or two, the truth is it will usually take longer. In order to stimulate hair growth, you need to combat whatever it is that’s causing the loss and preventing growth. Sometimes your body is missing one or more of the vitamins and minerals needed to grow hair. You should use biotin for hair growth according to Dr Oz, which is a nutrient that we need. A lack of it can cause hair loss.


Other treatments for hair loss include using a laser comb, a hairbrush that stimulates circulation and the hair growth process. There is also a treatment called minoxidil, which doctors often recommend for male and female pattern baldness. This treatment can take several months to give visible results, but doctors consider it to be quite effective. Another way to treat hair loss is simply to discover if it’s caused by an underlying problem. Several issues can cause hair loss, such as thyroid problems or, in women, hyperandrogenism. Seeing a doctor to check for any medical issues can help, as it may be that having the condition treated with stop the hair loss.

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