How to Apply Your Self Tan Like a Professional

How to Apply Your Self Tan Like a Professional

Self tan is like marmite: you either love it or hate it! I for one love it, and love that I can get a natural looking glow without baking myself in the sun and giving myself premature wrinkles. Yes, some girls do get it wrong and end up looking like the child of an Oompa Lumpa. However, there are a few little tricks I like to use to make my tan look professional. All you need to do is practice and you’ll get there! Here’s how to do it:



Step 1


You need to apply your fake tan the night before you want to look tanned. If you have a party to go to, do it the night before the party. A few hours before you’re due to put your tan on, either the night before or in the morning, you need to prepare your skin. Shave, exfoliate, and moisturise with a rich moisturiser to ensure your skin is in perfect condition. Concentrate on dry areas.


Step 2


Later on, when you’ve given your moisturiser enough time to sink in and your skin’s pores have closed from shaving, you can get ready to apply your tan. Some tans are messier than others, so you may want to put a towel down or do it in the bath. I highly recommend you use a mitt with tanning creams for a professional finish.


Step 3


Remember, you can always add more tan to your mitt, so only use a small blob at a time. Start from your feet, and work your way up. You’ll need to be careful in difficult areas, like in between your toes, around your knees, the back of your legs, elbows, chest, etc. Although you won’t be able to tell properly until the tan has developed, you need to try to be as even as possible. Use circular motions to apply the tan and don’t rub too hard.


Step 4


Thoroughly check yourself over for white bits. You need to make sure you’ve covered yourself evenly. Only apply a small amount to the face and be careful around your hairline. Don’t forget your ears and behind your ears! To do your hands, apply a blob to the back and rub the backs of your hands together. Be careful in between your fingers.


Step 5


You’ll need to wear loose, dark clothing to bed to allow your tan to develop. I wouldn’t recommend sleeping in any light coloured bedding, as some of your guide tan will probably rub off. Try to stay cool throughout the night to avoid sweating.


Step 6


In the morning, you can have a quick shower. Don’t make it too hot, as this will take more of the tan off than you need to. Don’t use too much body wash either!


Step 7


Pat yourself dry and moisturise. You can now admire your new colour! You can now repeat the process if you wish to get a darker tan, or simply allow the tan to wear off in its own time.


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Image Credit: Flickr

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