Hair Loss 101: A Beginners Guide

Hair Loss 101: A Beginners Guide

For those that suffer from hair loss, it can have something of a devastating impact on the emotional well-being. Hair loss is usually determined by genetics, and with this in mind, hair loss cannot be prevented. There are million old wives tales, and urban myths, on how to prevent hair loss, but sadly, these are simply not true. For those that suffer from hair loss, it is because of a genetic predisposition to do so.


While hair loss cannot be prevented, it can be treated, which is great news for those that are suffering from hair loss.

If you want to know more about hair loss, and the available treatments that could remedy the problem, then you must read on:


What is Hair Loss?


Hair loss is much more than baldness. When people think of those suffering from hair loss, they instantly think of bald men. This is a popular misconception and one that should be banished from your mind. Both men and women can suffer from hair loss. Hair loss, and thinning hair, is a result of a genetic predisposition and can occur at any point in a persons life. More specifically, alopecia refers to a medical condition in which patches of hair are lost.


Sometimes, hair loss can occur naturally due to our bodies aging process. Furthermore, as our bodies are predisposed to lose hair, doctors do not take hair loss as a serious medical complaint.


Of course, hair loss is not a disease and should not be treated as such. But, the loss of one’s hair can result in people feel self-conscious and can be a major factor in a person feeling distressed.


How to Treat Hair Loss Medically


There are many ways in which individuals can treat hair loss medically. Individuals are choosing to use a wide range of shampoos and beauty treatments in a bid to decrease the rate of hair loss. Others, however, are taking a more permanent step.


Hair loss transplants have seen something of a steady increase in their popularity in 2012 and beyond. An increasing number of people have sought out the treatment and have proclaimed the results to be incredible. Hair loss transplants are the perfect solution for those that are suffering from hair loss and want immediate results.


When an individual goes for hair transplant surgery, the surgeon will remove at least three to four inches off the scalp. The rest of the scalp is sewn closed and the area is then covered with hair. Typically, the operation will take between 4-8 hours, with a 95% success rate. What is more, it is seen as the ultimate hair loss treatment due to its success rate and its permanence. Many are heralding this as a cure to baldness. Furthermore, hair loss treatment in Turkey has become increasingly popular. This is because the treatment is cheaper than seeking out private medical treatment within the UK.


Hair loss can be disheartening for those that suffer from it, but be rest assured that there are positive actions that you can take to combat this problem.

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