Everything You Need To Know About Fad Dieting

Everything You Need To Know About Fad Dieting

In a world where skinniness is a sign of success there are many of us out there trying to lose weight. When offered quick fix fad diets, many of us become excited by the notion that we can lose weight fast. We can become indoctrinated by the celebrity culture and end up believing that starving ourselves is the way to be happy.


Fad diets are a popular way to lose weight, with many women attempting to lose weight fast, rather than at a steady pace. You may not realise it but whilst the pounds are dropping off, your health is getting worse. A fad diet is a diet when people just cut out eating for a short amount of time. This is not a sensible diet to follow and can cause harm to your body. Here is everything you will ever need to know about fad dieting.


1. Your Body Is Smarter Than You Think


When your body senses there is a lack of sustenance, i.e. food, it begins to stock up. This fact means that if you starve yourself for a week and then begin eating a normal amount again you will put on weight. Your body will think that there is a shortage of food, and will begin to put away sustenance in the form of fat ready for the next time there is none. This is something that many dieters do not understand and the main reason people get bigger when dieting.


2. Malnutrition Is A Real Thing


Whilst you may believe that starving yourself will make you slim with no repercussions, you’re wrong. Without the proper amount of food and vitamins, your body will become malnourished. A lack of nourishment is something many people fail to take into consideration. Living off the odd cracker and water may seem like a good idea, but what kind of nutrients is your body getting from that cracker? Nothing. Your body needs a range of food, with different qualities to stay healthy.


3. Lack Of Vitamins Can Lead To Internal Problems


When your body is not getting everything it needs from food then it begins to shut down. Your body cannot function well without the vital vitamins and minerals it needs to do so. Depriving your body of these things in the long term can cause damage to your internal organs. In the most severe cases, this can lead to an early death.


If you have been a fad dieter in the past then, it is important that you get a regular full health check. Just checking up on your health will help you to see that you haven’t done any dangerous damage to your body, so it’s worth doing.


4. You Will End Up Being Tired


You may have noticed that when you fad diet you end up feeling tired and sleepy during the day. This tiredness occurs not because you are not getting enough sleep, but because you are not getting enough food. Your body needs two things to function well; sleep and food. If you are depriving your body in one area, it will try and compensate by getting more of the other. This fact is also why you eat more when you stay up late. Food deprivation is as bad for you as sleep deprivation, so ensure your body gets enough of both.


5. Without Exercise A Diet Is Pointless


Dieting alone is not going to work. If you want to lose weight at a steady and healthy rate, then you are going to need to diet alongside regular exercise. There is no easy fix to weight loss and trusting in fad diets to do the job is dangerous. Instead make regular exercise part of your weekly routine and control the size of what you eat, rather than the things you eat. By combining both work-outs and portion control, you can ensure your weight loss is healthy, and your body is happy.

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