Abdominoplasty 101: Everything That You Need to Know

Abdominoplasty 101: Everything That You Need to Know

For those that are seeking help with their physical appearance, the solution may lie in an abdominoplasty. If you are not in the know about this kind of surgery, then you must keep reading. You will be amazed at what you will learn.


What is an Abdominoplasty?


While you may not be overly au fait with the term abdominoplasty, you will have heard of the phrase ‘tummy tuck.’ This is what an abdominoplasty is. If you are looking at ways of improving the appearance of your tummy, this may well be the surgical treatment you have been looking for.


A tummy tuck not only improves the physical appearance of your stomach, but it can also help tone, and firm, any excess skin that is in the area. Furthermore, this is a proven, and effective, aid to weight loss.


For those that have embarked on a strict fitness and health regime, you may have been left with excess skin in the stomach area. An abdominoplasty and subsequent treatment can effectively combat loose skin.


Advice and Support


This guide should only serve a research tool. The most useful kind of advice that you can use is from your GP or plastic surgeon. A simple Google search will help you retrieve local, specialist plastic surgeons in your area. Type in the required treatment and your location, for example abdominoplasty in Seattle, to find local specialists.


You will be able to utilise the years of medical experience from surgeons and GPs who will advise you on whether this treatment is suitable.


Preparing For Your Surgery


There are many things that you will need to do prior to going for surgery. Quitting smoking is imperative, so that you do not suffer from any complications that may arise from being a smoker and undergoing surgery.


Typically, surgery is done under anaesthetic. You will probably feel some discomfort in the aftermath of your surgery. This is perfectly normal and should be expected. You will see the best results should you be the right weight for your height. Your BMI will play a large in the success of your operation. A tummy tuck can prove to be very successful for those that are the correct weight for their height. If you are obese, your doctor or surgeon may suggest that you lose weight prior to your operation.


Recovery Stages


So, once you have undergone surgery you will want to make sure that you are rested so that you can recuperate from your operation. You will need bed rest for at least one week while you recover. However, it will take up to six weeks for you to make a full recovery. While this sounds like a long time, it is critical that you take care of yourself during this time so that your operation can be a success.


You may have to wear supportive clothing within the first six weeks of your surgery. This so that your stomach can make a full recovery, and so that your wounds can heal properly.


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