A Guide to Avoiding Injury While Living an Active Life

A Guide to Avoiding Injury While Living an Active Life

Everybody should aim to live an active life, incorporating different forms of exercise into our daily lives. We were supposed to exercise by nature, but unfortunately there are multiple ways we can get injured. Here’s a guide to avoiding injury while simultaneously living an active life:



Always Work on Correcting Your Form


Taking the time to exercise is great for our health, but if you don’t do it with proper form you can seriously injure yourself. Love running? Research the best way to run in order to avoid knee injury. Love lifting weights? Always make sure you keep your back straight and never lift more than you can handle. Look online for all the information you need if you’re unsure of anything.


Listen to Your Body


Your body is smart, a lot smarter than you. It will actually tell you when it’s had enough exercise, you just need to listen to it. Don’t overdo it, or you won’t get the results you want. Overtraining will actually hinder any progress you want to make.


Get Active With a Friend


Being active with a friend can help in many ways; if you’re lifting, for example, they can spot your form and tell you when you need to straighten up. Your friend might even see a hazard ahead while doing a trail run before you, helping you to avoid it. There are many benefits to getting active with a friend, so try it and see how you like it!


Don’t Take on More Than You Can Handle


Taking on more than you can handle will only ever stress you out. Multiple classes, weight lifting sessions, runs, and sports might make you believe that you’re a fit, healthy individual, but you could be harming your body.


Wear the Right Shoes


Many people wear the wrong kind of shoe for the exercise that they do. Running requires running shoes, lifting requires special lifting shoes, and general gym work requires a cross-trainer. Go to a shop where you can have the perfect shoe fitted to your foot, so you know you’re looking after your feet.


Always Stretch


Stretching out after exercise helps muscles to relax and grow with the exercise we’ve just done. It also stops us from getting cramp and feeling stiff in a few hours. Always spend a couple of minutes stretching out your entire body.


Allow Yourself Time to Relax


Relaxation time is just as important as exercise, you know! As mentioned before, too much exercise can hinder your results. Your body needs time to put itself back together and mend the muscles that have been torn through exercise. Make sure you let yourself have a treat meal today too – I recommend you make it a Sunday, so you can start fresh on Monday! Sunday is my favourite day of the week.


You can also book in for a regular massage or ask a partner to massage you to help your muscles knit themselves back together and to stop you from seizing up like the tin man. Good luck!

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