5 Tips for Coping With the Pain of Infertility

5 Tips for Coping With the Pain of Infertility

When you’re young and you dream of having a family, it doesn’t even cross your mind that it might not be as simple as meeting the man or woman of your dreams, becoming intimate and then getting pregnant. Yet unfortunately, for over 6 million women in this country, infertility is a very sobering reality; one that can be costly, emotionally-draining and a real test of a couple’s relationship.

If you are currently dealing with the pain of infertility or you know someone who is and you would like to provide them with some helpful tips on how to cope with it, we have a few for you. Granted, these are not a “miracle cure”, but it can make going through the process easier to bear.


Do some thorough research. Although hearing that you may have infertility issues can definitely be hard to process, if there is an optimistic side to the matter it’s the fact that there are new developments that seem to happen on a monthly basis in the field of infertility. So, don’t settle for just one opinion or diagnosis. Look into as much information on the topic as possible. A few hours a week doing research might really pay off.

Don’t take it (so) personally. When we’re going through something challenging like infertility, it’s easy to fall for the belief that you are the only one going through it when that couldn’t be further from the case. As a matter of fact, by visiting the National Fertility Association’s website (Resolve.org) or DailyStrength.org, you can find access to online support groups for other people who are experiencing the same things that you are.

Do focus on other things. It’s really easy for fertility struggles to consume your mind, body and spirit 24 hours a day, but putting yourself under that kind of pressure is only going to add more stress and anxiety to your system. We definitely don’t recommend that you suppress your emotions, we’re just saying that it’s a good idea to remember that trying to get pregnant is only one part of your life—one that is filled with so many other things that family, friends, work and your favorite leisure activities.

Don’t shut down from your partner. Sadly, there are a lot of couples who break up over an infertility problem, mostly because it starts to separate them as a unit. They no longer spend quality time together, they stop having sex (just for the pleasure of the experience) and sometimes the pain can cause them to start blaming one another rather than leaning on each other for love and support. No one can understand what you are going through more than your partner can. If ever there was a time to feel closest to them, it would be now.

Do see a professional therapist. The reality is that whether someone seems to be in perfect (reproductive) health or not, no one really knows their fertile futurefollow. But, in throughout the process of trying to conceive, it can be good for your mental and emotional welfare to chat with a professional therapist—someone who can look from the “outside in” and provide you with insights that can keep you going in the meantime. Until the time when a peaceful and viable solution presents itself.One way or another.

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