3 Tough Tips to Sexual Health

3 Tough Tips to Sexual Health

If you catch a cold on the train it’s pretty simple and straight forward to deal with, you tell your friends you’re feeling sick, you email your boss and ask for a late start, and you visit the family doctor if it gets worse. But for problems that are a little further south then things change, as soon as we start talking about sexual health people are less likely to be sympathetic and more l likely to judge or chastise you.

Compared to the widespread advice surrounding colds, there isn’t a lot of talk about the standard ways to look after your sexual health, therefore we’ve collated the three top tips espoused by doctors and health professionals across the web to help you keep on top of a very normal and functional part of your anatomy. These tips are not for the faint-hearted however, they are the brutal truths that you need to stop lying to yourself about and just do something, then you can enjoy mixing it up in the bedroom with total confidence and good sexual health.

1.  Don’t Be Lazy : Get Regular Check Ups

It’s something that none of us want to do, and getting time off work can be a real hassle as most of us don’t want to explain why to our boss. Nevertheless no matter how uncomfortable you might feel at work or in the waiting room before you do your tests, the reality is that if you don’t get tested you could be putting yourself and others in real danger.

Seeing as I’m not holding back here, the reality is that many people are lazy and careless and talking about the ethical reasons of not spreading STDs is unlikely to motivate you into booking an appointment. Therefore think about these worse case scenarios, if you go unchecked with an STD and fail to get the right treatment early you can get: permanent genital sores (herpes), infertility (Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia), brain damage (Syphilis), and death (HIV, HPV & Cervical Cancer). Enough of a reason? Get tested. Now.

2.  Don’t Be Weak : Use Protection

Most of us know the temptation just before penetration to let go of everything and plunge straight in, some people don’t even think about it at all, but if the realities above didn’t encourage you then just ask yourself if you’ve asked about your lover’s views on birth control, abortion and the morning-after pill. If you conceive then it could be that they put tremendous pressure on you to keep that baby and this will change your life permanently.

There is a lot of talk about “the moment” and the ability of putting on condoms to “kill the mood”, but to be honest (and after a fair bit of experience) if putting on a condom kills the moment then you’re just not doing it right. Try having fun with it and mixing up who puts it on, don’t treat it as the enemy but as a tension-building routine that you both enjoy before enjoying the most intimate moment. Lastly, make sure you have plenty of stock, whether you’re a girl stashing them in your bed-side drawer, or a guy slotting them in a wallet, make sure you have a large and “in-date” supply. You can buy condoms online from Madame Liberty or any other local general store.


3.  Don’t Eat Junk : Boost Your Performance

Raw oysters are one of the most widely known aphrodisiacs and they have been clinically proven to improve a person’s sex drive and increase the quantity of sperm in men. Avocado is full of folic acids which help to metabolize proteins in the body and give you more energy during sex, they also support your heart health which is obviously your most important sexual organ in the long-term.

Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage and Spinach all contain high levels of folate and magnesium which helps improve the flow of blood to your genitals and reduce the levels of a harmful amino acid called “homocysteine”. Eating a varied diet including lots of slow-release carbohydrates, lean proteins, and mixed vegetables will not only be better for your waist-line, it will also improve your physical performance during sex.


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